Payroll Services

1 of Every 3 Employers is Assessed Penalties for Payroll Tax Mistakes.

Let HCRM CORP Payroll Service take the worry out of your payroll processing. Manage and pay W2 employees and 1099 contractors with a dedicated team of experts. HCRM CORP payroll team delivers personalized service, and brings a proven, technology-driven delivery model in order to provide an efficient and professional experience for you and your essential workforce. With a Professional Payroll Service, you are able to focus on your core business, and leave administration, associated costs, and employer liabilities to us.

Our comprehensive Professional Payroll Service helps you:

  • Streamline workforce processes that enhance access, while managing contingent workforce administration and costs
  • Improve administration and visibility through consolidated billing and reporting
  • Enhance insight into workforce performance via reporting and analytics
  • Achieve cost containment and rate rationalization
  • Accelerate the workforce conversion/transition process
  • Nurture and cultivate new relationships and engagements with sought-after professional contingent workers


  • Rapid engagement
  • W-2 employer of record
  • Hiring, on-boarding activities, payment of wages and off-boarding
  • Statutory insurance and tax requirements (Disability, Workers’ Compensation, FICA, Unemployment)
  • Administration of IC benefits
  • Online on-boarding technology
  • Online time and expense capture
  • Consolidated billing
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Centralized service team, with a single point of contact

Ensure IRS Compliance

With HCRM Corp as the employer of record, you:

  • Reduce or eliminate the risk of fines, penalties and interest accrual due to misclassification of contract workers
  • Reduce the risk of legal disputes and negative publicity from worker misclassification


Who determines if the contractor should be classified as 1099 or W-2?

You will need to determine the worker classification based on the IRS guidelines, (located here) and other federal, state and local regulations. If you are interested in a professional assessment of how to classify contract workers, please contact us at for recommendations on services to assist with this decision. HCRM Payroll is only available for US-based W2 employees.

What benefits are offered to workers via HCRM Payroll Service?

HCRM Payroll Service offers several benefits for your W-2 classified workforce:

  • Group Health Benefits: Workers averaging at least 30 hours per week via HCRM Payroll are eligible for one of Kaiser’s affordable group health plans, which carries significant advantages over individual plans.
  • Hire talent anywhere in the U.S.
  • Simplified Taxes: As W-2 employees of HCRM staffing agency, workers avoid the need to pay self-employment taxes or estimated quarterly tax payments. Payroll taxes are deducted from their take-home pay and submitted on their behalf.
  • Unemployment benefits: HCRM Payroll workers qualify for state unemployment benefits should their work slow down or stop (self-employed contractors are unable to file for unemployment benefits.)

What is the cost?

Assume that your employee/contractor earns $20 per hour:

Employer pays $24.50
Taxes and fees $4.40
Contractor gets $20

Can I bring my own team to HCRM?

Yes! In addition to recruiting talent from our staffing services, you can also bring your own contractors and employees to HCRM Payroll Service. If you are transitioning a large team to HCRM simultaneously, we are happy to help with the logistics. The entire implementation typically takes less than a week.

For more information about HCRM CORP Payroll Service, Call 888.854.7083