Staffing System Integration Talent

Our clients are leveraging information technology to accomplish their business objectives – relying heavily on their software, hardware, and network investments to remain competitive, as well as, researching and investing in innovative cloud, mobile and other software-as-a-service models.

HCRM CORP provides a full range of staffing services to support our clients’ needs. Our staffing services offer significant incremental value, offering implementation, customization, migration, training and related staffing services to support our clients’ business objectives.

System Integration brings systems and services together to function as a single business system and is important for any business that has multiple systems that need to communicate with one another.

System integration is the solution that alleviates the problem and all of the symptoms that result from not having integrated systems – such as inefficient manual processes, duplicate database entries, errors, and doing the same task multiple times, wasting time and resources.

Our Systems Integration staffing services include the following:

  • ERP integration /customization
  • CRM consulting and integration
  • System conversions / installations
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Strategic planning
  • QA and user experience testing
  • The benefits of System Integration are wide reaching and include a solid and central master version of data and information – because while various people will input and update information in various systems, it will end up integrating to one system of record.

    Your business will develop enhanced customer relationships and experience seamless daily operations as a result of an effective software Systems Integration solution.  When your software works together, your business works smarter.

    How May We Help?

    It is no secret that System Integration is difficult to do well, but HCRM CORP is excellent at finding you the right talent for your needs.

    Our staffing process ensures you receive the best match of talent for your System Integration needs.

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