While talk may have quieted down about the National Labor Relations Board’s reach into the non-union setting and employee social media activity, don’t get lulled into a sense of complacency. The NLRB is still very active in this area. The NLRB continues to take action against employers for disciplining workers who post negative comments about supervisors or the company on personal social media pages, such as Facebook.

Employer policies or actions that interfere with the rights of employees to discuss wages and working conditions with co-workers can be unlawful under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), regardless of whether you have a unionized or non-unionized workplace.

Take for example, Triple Play Sports Bar, 361 NLRB No. 31, a decision involving a non-unionized bar and restaurant. The NLRB held that an employer’s discharge of two employees for their online Facebook discussion about a tax withholding issue was unlawful under the NLRA. The matter started when a former employee posted the following to her Facebook page:

“Maybe someone should do the owners of Triple Play a favor and buy it from them. They can’t even do the tax paperwork correctly!!! Now I OWE money … Wtf!!!!”

This post elicited responses from some employees including, Jillian Sanzone and Vincent Spinella. Sanzone commented that she owed also and called the owner a derogatory name. Spinella did not post a comment but selected the “Like” button for the original post. Sanzone was told that she was being discharged for her Facebook comment and Spinella was told that he was being discharged because his “Like” meant the he supported the “disparaging and defamatory” comments made in the Facebook thread.

The NLRB found that the Facebook discussion was protected because it related to “workplace complaints about tax liabilities” and also was concerted activity because it involved several current employees and was part of ongoing discussions that started in the workplace.

The case illustrates the NLRB’s continued overreach …

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San Diego Web Analytics Job

Must have 4 – 5 Years Experience Hands on Experience with Web Analytics.

Looking for a web analytics candidate who has strong general business skills, the ability write and speak effectively, demonstrated leadership experience, and have a capacity for statistical analysis.

As a Web Analyst, your responsibilities include:

  • You must have a heavy understanding of web analytics. Ideally some type of certification would be great.
  • You will have to identify problems and come up with solid solutions based on your data findings.
  • Having great persecution skills is a MUST, as this person will have to communicate to all levels of management, resources and clients.
  • Accurately measure, collect, analyze, report and provide strategic recommendations to all client related projects and internal strategy.
  • Analyze client’s online behavior through conversion data and multi-channel attributions.
  • Evaluate web campaigns across multiple attribution methods and assess cross-campaign interactions to optimize marketing mix.
  • Interpret data for presentation to a diverse and varying client base with a varying degree of complexity.
  • Define key performance metrics for user behavior and marketing effectiveness (user growth, engagement, abandonment, campaign ROI, segmentation).
  • Perform data validation and coordinate tagging and tracking parameter implementations for accurate internal data collection.
  • Collaborate across departments to mentor and educate resources on Web Analytics.
  • Staying abreast to current trends and best practices within web analytic tools, techniques and our industry


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15 Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer

15 Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer

In an excellent article in April 2014 addition of the Harvard Business Review Deepak Malhotra, professor of negotiations at Harvard Business School, offers advice for job candidates.

[list icon=”circle” color=”blue”]

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of likability
  • Help prospective employers understand why you deserve what you’re requesting.
  • Make it clear that they can get you.
  • Understand the person across the table from you
  • Understand his or her constraints.
  • Be prepared for tough questions.
  • Focus on the questioner’s intent, not the question
  • Consider the whole deal.
  • Negotiate multiple issues.
  • Don’t negotiate just for the sake of negotiating (a pitfall for recent MBA graduates).
  • Think through the timing of offers.
  • Avoid, ignore, or downplay ultimatums.
  • Remember that your interviewer isn’t out to get you.
  • Stay at the table.
  • Maintain a sense of perspective.
  • [/list]
    Read the full article on HBR’s website


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