San Diego Front End Web Developer Job

Front End Web Developer

A Front End Web Developer is expected to be able to handle the majority of HTML and CSS issues with a solid basic foundation in JavaScript. Basic knowledge is also required for: command line LINUX, version control systems (git and svn) and simple database maintenance/MySQL.

Front end developers are expected to perform to a high professional standard. Their code is expected to be clean, consistent and standards based.



  • Create HTML templates with associated CSS.
  • Perform most common JavaScript tasks including AJAX and JSON with limited supervision and assistance.
  • Maintain existing sites’ HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Maintain content within existing websites and populate new ones.
  • Accurately interpret wireframes and specifications documents, ensuring their adherence in created websites.
  • Accurately interpret complex graphical designs and converting them in to functional websites.
  • Ensure “pixel perfect” interpretation of design files to web pages when appropriate.
  • Use mobile-first methodologies for responsive websites.
  • Deliver clean, clear and well documented code.


  • Accurately estimate timelines for personal projects.
  • Ensure deadlines are consistently met.
  • Request help in a timely and constructive manner when needed.
  • Fully test and troubleshoot own and group work, ensuring consistently error free, high quality results.
  • Clearly communicate with other team members and other teams in both written and verbal form.
  • Handle common interactions with clients in a professional manner.
  • Calmly and professionally handle last minute changes and delays.


  • Understand and advocate industry best practices and the reasons for using them.
  • Continue to advance understanding of new technologies and best practices.
  • Begin to develop an online presence, demonstrating understanding through blogs, presentations, publishing, etc.


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