Hootsuite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Hootsuite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

It’s Going to Cost You.

HootSuite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

If you follow social media news or new about Microsoft, you probably read about Hootsuite and Microsoft announcing the integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Hootsuite. What every article seems to have left out is that the Hootsuite PRO plan is excluded from the integration. Which means unless you want to upgrade to the Hootsuite Enterprise Plan (The basic plan is $3,500 a month for 5 users) this solution is not going to work for you.

At $3,500 a month you are better off using the Microsoft’s Social Engagement add on for Dynamics CRM. It provides Social listening, Social Analytics, Social Engagement, and the ability to add social data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics Marketing—on dashboards or on any forms, like Accounts or Campaigns.

I am big fan of Hootsuite. It lets us manage all of our social media from one application, add team members, and give them access to our business social media accounts. While that is all good stuff, the exclusion of the PRO tier from Dynamics CRM integration seems like a serious misstep. Also Hootsuite will not discuss pricing of the Enterprise plan unless they schedule a call with you. As there CSR rep told me via chat. “There is no set price.”

This is an unfortunate move by both Microsoft and Hootsuite.

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