Microsoft Launches Outlook For iOS And Android

Outlook for iOS

Microsoft’s Outlook may just be the best email app for iOS and Android

Microsoft released Outlook for iOS and a preview version of their new Outlook for Android. Microsoft has received tremendous customer request for Outlook across all devices, and I have been one of them.

It only took a few moments for me to setup my Exchange accounts as well as connect my cloud storage accounts on both my iPhone and iPad Air. With Microsoft’s new app you really can manage your work and personal email on your phone and tablet – as efficiently as you do on your computer. ‘

Outlook offers customizable swipes and actions, so you may tailor the experience for the way you like to work. Beyond email, the new Outlook app offers integrated calendaring that makes scheduling a meeting or sharing your schedule a single tap away.

The Outlook app delivers features not found in other e-mail apps, one of which is a “snooze” option (here called Schedule) that lets you temporarily remove a message from your inbox and resurface it at a later time.

You can activate this right from within your inbox view just by swiping an e-mail to the right. That brings up the Schedule selector, which provides four options: “In a few hours,” “This evening,” “Tomorrow morning,” and “Choose a time.”

Here’s a quick video to showoff some of Outlook’s new features.

The new Outlook apps work exceptionally well with Office 365, Exchange,, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and other major email services. The Outlook app also allows you to send attachments through many cloud services, including Microsoft’s own OneDrive, Dropbox, BOX and others.

Outlook for iOS

Microsoft continues to strengthen its Office suite across all platforms and this latest offering is another great step forward.

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