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San Diego Web Analytics Job

San Diego Web Analytics Job

Must have 4 – 5 Years Experience Hands on Experience with Web Analytics.

Looking for a web analytics candidate who has strong general business skills, the ability write and speak effectively, demonstrated leadership experience, and have a capacity for statistical analysis.

As a Web Analyst, your responsibilities include:

  • You must have a heavy understanding of web analytics. Ideally some type of certification would be great.
  • You will have to identify problems and come up with solid solutions based on your data findings.
  • Having great persecution skills is a MUST, as this person will have to communicate to all levels of management, resources and clients.
  • Accurately measure, collect, analyze, report and provide strategic recommendations to all client related projects and internal strategy.
  • Analyze client’s online behavior through conversion data and multi-channel attributions.
  • Evaluate web campaigns across multiple attribution methods and assess cross-campaign interactions to optimize marketing mix.
  • Interpret data for presentation to a diverse and varying client base with a varying degree of complexity.
  • Define key performance metrics for user behavior and marketing effectiveness (user growth, engagement, abandonment, campaign ROI, segmentation).
  • Perform data validation and coordinate tagging and tracking parameter implementations for accurate internal data collection.
  • Collaborate across departments to mentor and educate resources on Web Analytics.
  • Staying abreast to current trends and best practices within web analytic tools, techniques and our industry


350 10th Ave
Suite 1000
San Diego, CA 92101

888.854.7083 O | 888.854.7079 F


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