Web Architect Job San Diego

You can may work in San Diego or Irvine – No Relocation – Must Live in San Diego, LA, or Irvine.

While a the Web Architect will sometimes have solo projects, the core of role is in having a very strong understanding of coding and project fundamentals, architecting multi-month to multi-year projects and leading several other junior client side developers.

Though not critical, and experience counts most, the level of knowledge of formal methodologies and patterns are consistent with at least a four year formal Computer Science degree.

You are expected to have expert knowledge across all aspects of HTML5 and XHTML.

You are expected to have expert knowledge of core and newer CSS, concepts, browser support, workarounds and fallback methods.

SCSS (CSS format SASS) for all of our projects. You need to have a deep knowledge of the full breadth and depth of SASS, nesting, variables, mixins, extend/inheritance. Additionally, you need to be able to set up new projects and compilation, speaking to the issues involved.

You need to have an expert level understanding of core and evolving JavaScript without relying on jQuery or other frameworks. A deep understanding of JavaScript patterns, common coding patterns and Crockford’s linting tests is expected with the ability to clearly explain and teach them to others.

Your code needs to be exceptionally clean and clearly written with sufficient commenting to allow even a junior developer, who is new to the code, to be able to jump in quickly. A strong knowledge of self documenting code systems, such as JsDoc is required.

You need to be able to take on large scale, complex JavaScript projects.Capable of identifying and quickly building knowledge of appropriate new technologies appropriate to the project, finding exciting, innovative and novel solutions, and leading a team of less experienced developers in applying those technologies.

You’ll use jQuery throughout all of your projects. You have to have a far deeper knowledge of jQuery than simple selectors, event binding and animations. Deep understanding of module building, the extends system, live binding and have enough duration of experience to talk to deprecated features and what they have been replaced with.

Additional Frameworks
A deep knowledge of Ember, Angular or a similar framework is required, including their core concepts. Ember, specifically, is not required if comparable knowledge of a similar framework can be demonstrated.

Browser Support
You must be able to speak, in depth, to browser compatibility issues for modern browsers plus any version of Internet Explorer that was current within the last five years. A very strong knowledge of specific issues and where to find documentation details is expected.

Quality Assurance
All code is expected to be self-tested across supported browsers and able deliver code with an absolute minimum of defects both from themselves and team members they lead.

Version Control
Both SVN and GIT. A lack of specific platform knowledge is acceptable so long as you can demonstrate an in depth knowledge of at least one version control system, the principles of version control and a knowledge of resolving issues.

Associated Technologies
PHP/Drupal and .Net/SiteCore. To join the team, knowledge of any of the above is considered an advantage. As a member of the team, you are expected to actively build an in depth knowledge of the client side aspects of the systems you work with.

Adobe Photoshop
The ability to confidently use Adobe Photoshop to slice comps is expected. You should be capable of speaking confidently to layer comps, blending modes, common comp pitfalls and good Photoshop etiquette.

Team Leadership and Accountability
You are expected to be capable of both working individually and leading long-term project teams of several other developers. You need to be capable of giving examples of how you have previously done so.

You are expected to be accountable for timeline and budgets. You are expected to find resolutions for problems, even in difficult situations. Where a resolution truly cannot be found, you are expected to raise issues promptly.

Client Presentation
You are expected to be the face of the client side team for clients. You are expected to be able to explain complex technical ideas in understandable terms, demonstrate patience and empathy, and excite clients with/sell them on new ideas and opportunities.

Travel to client presentations and client sites is an expected part of the role.

You are expected to lead the exploration of new ideas and technologies, teaching those working with them.

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