Are You Above the Fold?

SEO for the top four positions, generally those considered to be “above the fold”, receive 83% of first-page organic clicks. The remaining organic listings only receive clicks from 8.16% of searchers.

SEO can drive users to click on your search listings and not your competitors. Understanding this is critical to achieving your digital marketing goals. Rankings are one thing. Getting traffic is quite another. Whether you’re an agency or a company with an in-house SEO (Search Engine Marketing) team. The success of your campaigns is heavily dependent on the talent of your employees.

Only 48% of searches result in an organic click. The remaining 52% click on pay per click ads, or leave the search engine results page without clicking on a listing.

Mobile CTR: Average CTR on mobile devices tends to skew even more towards the 1st position. The researchers suggest that the small screen offers fewer listings at any one time.

Talented employees are responsible for creating new strategies and tactics required for success. Investing in hiring the right talent will ensure you organization remains competitive.

Most companies face the same issues when hiring staff:

  • Lack of qualified talent in the market.
  • Opportunity loss of the vacant position.
  • Managers with time to recruit.

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We Specialize in Staffing SEO Talent With the Following Skills:

Organic Search

Develop targeted content which fulfills your needs by achieving improved visibility of your web asset.

On-page SEO

Make your content easily accessible to search engines. Boost your rankings and improve your performance.

Link Building

An Essential part of any successful SEO strategy is your link profile which will add huge weight to your page keywords listed within search engines.

Keyword Research

Targeted keywords are a critical SEO element. A keyword strategy will increase your search engine traffic and profitability.

Our search engine marketing candidates are naturals at making search campaigns easy to understand, communicate and measure. Our SEO candidates have extensive experience combining ranking monitoring tools with web analytics to track and report all SEO programs and campaigns, and links the SEO work directly to revenue.From keyword research, content strategy, ad creative, and campaign strategy, our candidate have real-world experience providing strategic insights that will have an impact on bottom line results.

Our proven strategies help you locate the best SEO talent by leveraging our 14 years of experience working with companies ranging from start-ups to large international firm. We know talent acquisition dollars are limited and we take a highly focused approach to understating your business and marketing objectives.

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