Our Approach

Our process is flexible according to our client needs, the requirements we are working to fulfill, and the resources necessary to make our clients’ staffing goals successful. The biggest components to our process are as follows:

  • Meeting (Zooming) with the client:

    We understand that every client we talk to is going to have different goals, unique requirements, and their own company culture. When we meet with our clients, we come together as a team to understand what these goals and requirements are, as well as the duration of the project, budgets, and hiring preferences. We aren’t looking for just the basics to match a skill set, we look at the entire picture to match and align people with people.

    Understanding what the client is looking for and getting to know how they operate is the first step. Finding the right IT professional that will match those needs and fit in with the environment and company culture will be essential to making a successful IT placement match.

  • Internal Screening

    We want to eliminate the hassle and time-consuming work that goes behind screening candidates as much as possible for our clients. Instead, we take the approach full on and do our own due diligence through telephone screenings, skills testing, in-person interviews, and reference verification in order to deliver the top candidates to you to access and review.We work quickly and efficiently to make sure that the candidates we deliver are right on par to make a successful match by the time it comes to your own interviewing process.

    Internal Screening

  • Candidate Selection

    After we provide you a selection of top candidates for you to interview, we ensure that the scheduling and availability is coordinated met so that there are no hiccups in getting IT professionals on par with your project work. If the client accepts one of the candidates, then we make sure that a criminal, drug, and credit background checks are routinely done. Otherwise, if none of the candidates seem to make a good match, we’ll update our resource list and get you in line with someone who will be a great fit.

  • Client Placement

    Once our client accepts a candidate and the placement has gone through, we want to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly for your goals and needs. We’ll check back in with you every few weeks to see how the match is working out and if there are any other needs that you might be requiring. Our main goal is to make sure that both sides of the match, client and IT professional, are in a good position and that a positive solution has been customized to your needs

    Client Placement

At the end of the day, HCRM wants to make sure that our clients develop long-term relationships with us so that we can continue to help solve their problems and match them with great IT professionals.