Help Desk Staffing and Desktop Support Staffing

We offer flat-fee pricing of $4,000 on help desk and desktop support direct hires with salary’s up to $40,000.

Help desk staffing? Remember, people, call the IT help desk support and desktop support technician because they need help. They have a job to do and their, smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC is their tool. If they can’t work, it’s unproductive time, and lost revenue for the company.

When you post a desktop support technician or IT help desk job, you’ll often receive hundreds of resumes in response, and reviewing all those resumes is a full-time job in itself, and everyone knows making a bad hire is expensive.

Like technology itself, IT help desk and desktop support technician skills are ever-evolving. HCRM’s IT help desk and desktop support recruiters stay up-to-date on these changes. IT staffing agencies like HCRM Corp will help you find the best fit for your desktop support and IT help desk jobs.

PC Technician

  • Install, configure and maintain PCs and peripherals
  • Install and configure software and upgrades.
  • Troubleshoot and repair hardware.
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity issues.
  • Perform data migration to new machines.

Desktop Support Technician

  • Maintain an inventory of installed software
  • Manage software licensing
  • Ensure equipment is installed and ready on schedule
  • Make recommendations for systems standardization
  • Create user accounts and manage access control
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Help Desk Support Tier 1

  • Take initial troubleshooting inquiries
  • Handle problems resolved in five minutes or less
  • Escalate more difficult problems to Tier 2 support
  • Log call activity

Help Desk Support Tier 2

  • Resolve more complex escalated issues
  • Use detailed systems and applications knowledge
  • Handle problems resolved in five to 15 minutes
  • Decide to generate trouble tickets or work order

Help Desk Support Tier 3

  • Resolve the most difficult and complex problems
  • Analyze and identify trends in issue reporting
  • Devise preventive solutions to issues
  • Mentor other help desk support personnel

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