Dynamics 365 Recruiting

Dynamics 365 set of intelligent business applications helps you run your entire business and deliver greater results through predictive, AI-driven insights.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Get started with Dynamics 365 for Sales. This user-friendly CRM will help you build customer loyalty and close more sales. Dynamics 365 sales gives your team more than traditional sales force automation to respond to today’s unpredictable selling environment—rapidly changing buyer preferences, sudden changes in business outlook, and fast-moving competitors.

Dynamics 365 Sales is an adaptive selling solution that helps your sales team navigate the realities of modern selling. At the center of the solution is an adaptive, intelligent system—prebuilt and ready to go—that actively monitors myriad signals and distills them into actionable insights.

  • Track sales trends to stay up to date on long-term business plans
  • Analyze performance for specific sales regions and account reps
  • Adjust your sales tactics dynamically and update the information in real-time across all devices
  • Determine discrepancies between current revenue and sales targets
  • Office Online
  • Manage all your customers and deals in Outlook.
  • Microsoft Dynamics for Sales will show you how to prioritize your daily activities.
  • Collaborate with people to find the information they need to increase sales.
  • Make it easier for your sales department to tap into social insights about prospective buyers.
  • Your team can follow up on leads and opportunities from anywhere using mobile apps.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing Microsoft and Adobe are partnering to help you personalize your customers experiences Strengthen your brand and enliven your customer experiences with Adobe Marketing Cloud working with Dynamics 365 and running on Microsoft Azure. “Ultimately it’s all about delighting customers through this partnership.” -Shantanu Narayen, President and CEO, Adobe

  • Orchestrate coordinated campaigns across channels—and measure ROI across the board—using Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Coordinate across earned, paid, and owned channels
  • Increase campaign productivity with automated workflows
  • Use real-time insights into results and attribution
  • Drive conversion through personalized and contextual content
  • Let the customer’s behavior determine the content and offers they receive
  • Deliver campaigns that are personalized, contextual, and content-rich with Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Use all your enterprise data to deliver a more personal experience
  • Deliver compelling experiences through every phase of your relationship
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Does your customer service department have the right tools to respond to your clients’ requests? 40% of departments surveyed don’t.*

Say goodbye to multiple files and customer information that’s often out of date. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service will give your agents all the information they need from a single platform. A 360-degree view of each customer, including a full history of customer interactions and preferences. Give your agents the tools they need to give your clients outstanding customer service.

*Source: Microsoft’s Sell In the Now – How to Make Your Sales Team More Productive

Create a Customer Service Intelligence

  • Omni-channel engagement
  • Customer self-service and peer-to-peer service
  • Single user interface.
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • Built-in digital intelligence
  • Create consistency and loyalty
  • Make your agents’ jobs easier
  • Get an adaptive engine
  • Proactively address issues by detecting customers’ intent and social sentiment.
  • Give customers great service on their channel of choice.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Dynamics 365 for Operations

How many systems does your company use to process information? Does the accounting staff use a separate system for receivables and payables? How about the sales department or the warehouse staff? Dynamics 365 for Operations combines all your company’s data into a single system so all your employees can work more efficiently.

How Dynamics 365 for Operations Simplifies Your Business

  • Manufacturing
  • IT
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation
  • POS system
  • Demand forecasting
  • E-commerce
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Freight Conciliation
  • Real-time Inventory Search
  • Build Campaigns through Social Media
  • Build Budget Planning Templates
  • Transportation
  • POS system
  • Demand forecasting
  • E-commerce
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Dynamics 365 for Financials

Accounting productivity has moved a step forward with Dynamics 365 for Financials. Find out how easy it is to combine your usual business tasks with Microsoft’s familiar productivity tools. Increase sales, manage finances and streamline your operations – whether you’re in the office, or on the go.

  • Basic General Ledger
  • Dynamics CRM Integration
  • Outlook Client Integration
  • Sales Tax
  • Purchase Invoicing
  • Sales Order Management
  • Electronic Payment / Direct Debit
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Reconciliation of Bank Transactions
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Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Keeping your customers happy and running a productive field team is a tall order. Does your company make the grade? Give your field agents the tools they need to serve your customers at any time, on any channel. Dynamics 365 for Field Service lets you manage service agreements, choose the right technician for each job and oversee your inventory. All from one application.

Is Your Field Team Mobile? 85% of workers use mobile devices

  • Optimized scheduling
  • Service agreements
  • Inventory management
  • Mobile productivity
  • Connected devices
  • Customer communications
Microsoft Dynamics for Field Service
Microsoft Dynamics for Project Service Automation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

Assigning resources for each project is a lot easier when you can see all the information from one central platform. Your Project Managers can view the profiles of team members and choose the right staff according to their specific skills and past experiences. Details like resource costs, performance data and billable rates are all displayed. Once the work begins, project team members can track their tasks directly in Outlook and on their mobile devices.

  • Solution selling
  • Project planning
  • Resource scheduling
  • Mobile productivity
  • Time + expenses
  • Customer billing

Customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 to fit your needs

  • Change the color scheme and logo to match your brand
  • Changes forms and views
  • Metadata
  • Design forms
  • Design interactive forms for the interactive service hub
  • Edit views
  • Create and edit Dashboards
  • Configure interactive experience dashboards
  • Create and edit Processes
  • Create and edit Business Rules
  • Create and edit Web Resources
  • Define alternate keys to reference Dynamics 365 records
  • Query and Visualize Hierarchical Data
  • Customize the Help experience
  • Customize Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets

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