Employer Solutions

HCRM Corp offers flexible staffing solutions to clients that require expertise for contract, temp-to-hire, and permanent roles. With over 25+ years of combined experience in IT staffing and Creative staffing. It gives us the expertise and network to introduce you to your newest employee.

HCRM Corp provides the following staffing services to streamline the hiring process:

  • Define Staffing Needs and Help Write an Accurate Job Description to Attract the Right Talent
  • Provide Salary and Hourly Data for your Hiring Needs
  • Identify and Phone Screen Potential Candidates
  • Interview Candidates
  • Reference Check with Two Supervisory Personnel From Past Work History
  • Facilitate Interview with Hiring Managers
  • Make Offer to Candidate
  • Guarantee: Three Days for Consultants – 90 Days on Direct Hires
  • On Going Customer Service; Weekly Calls with Client and Candidate

HCRM Corp works with our clients to build a talent planning and recruitment workforce planning strategy. This helps you build a comprehensive understanding of the types of people who will be productive in your organization over the long term. What kinds of skills should they have? What should be their attitudes toward work? Will they integrate into your organizational culture?

Talented people require a peer group of like-minded individuals. Universities have long understood this. Hire a star professor and you can be sure the aspiring young PhDs in that discipline will flock to your institution. This happens in business as well. What truly makes good companies great is their ability to attract and retain the right people.

A well-defined, well-communicated idea of what makes your firm unique will dramatically improve our ability to find the brightest and best people that will excel at your company.

Most executives can tell you which consumers will buy their products or services. Few have the same insight into which job candidates will buy into the organization’s culture and adapt to its workflow.

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