Recruiting Process


Recruiting the right talent is a multi-step process where we seek to identify, attract, select and secure the top talent to fill your open positions.

HCRM’s role is to bring together candidates and companies. In order to succeed, we strive to understand the motivations and characteristics of our companies and candidates. In doing so we then are able to recommend to you a position that is right match for your personal and professional goals.

We start the recruitment process with a phone interview, if  we have an opportunity we feel is right for you, we will then conduct a face-to-face interview with one of our recruiters. Some firms want you to drive to their office and pay for parking even if they don’t have an opportunity for you. We would never waste your time like that.

If after face-to-face interview we both feel the position is a good fit, we will check your reference. We will need a minimum of two of your past supervisors. Sorry, friends or family don’t count.

Once we have the references completed we will schedule interview times with the hiring manager. From there if both client and candidate feel the right match has been made we will make the offer and help coordinate the on-boarding process.

Our process is a more effective way of looking for a job. And it works. We do whatever it takes to help you discover, land, and succeed in your ideal role.


  • Define Staffing Needs
  • Identify and Phone Screen Potential Candidates
  • Interview Candidates
  • Reference check with two supervisory personnel from past work history
  • Facilitate Interview with Hiring Managers
  • Make Offer to Candidate
  • On Going Customer Service; Weekly Calls with Client and Candidate